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The 2018 Season Passport Golf Coupon book is filled with golf discounts and savings at great golf courses throughout Southern New England.

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Greater Rhode Island 2018 Season Passport – Golf Coupons

Order your 2018 Season Passport today and take advantage of huge savings at great golf courses throughout Southern New England.

RI and SE Mass Participants Info: (There are 53 other courses in MA, CT, NY, NH, VT) There are over 300 coupons in this year’s Season Passport.

Beaver River,  $30 golf and cart, Thru May 15, 2018 and after Sept. 30, 2018 (not valid Oct. 8, 2018) (4 coupons) Valid Monday-Friday 7 am to 1 pm

Blackstone National, Four players Golf, Cart, Lunch $200 Mon-Tues in May (2 coupons) Same deal in Oct. (2 coupons)

Country View, Golf and Cart $32 (8 coupons) Mon-Fri, Weekends and holidays after 11

Cranston Country Club, $35 golf and cart in August 2017 (2) Valid M-F before noon

Crystal Lake, Free round of golf after Sept. 30, 2018, must take cart (1 coupon) Valid Mon-Thur All Day

Fenner Hill, $30 golf and cart in August 2018 (2 coupons) Mon-Thurs until 1 pm, Sat & Sun after Noon, excludes holidays

Foster C.C., $30 golf and cart w/ $5 lunch voucher (1 coupon). Before May 1 and after Sept. 30, 2018 Mon-Fri All Day, Weekends after 12. Four players golf & cart $120 (4 coupons) same times

Foxborough CC,  Four players for the price of 3 (1coupon).  Mon.–Thurs. only, cart required, October and November only

Fox Hopyard CC, Buy one round of Golf, Get One Free before May 16, 2018 (2 coupons) After Oct. 13, 2018 Mon-Thurs All Day for all coupons

Kings Crossing GC, $20 for 9 holes of golf, cart and $5 lunch voucher (4 coupons) Mon.-Fri. and Weekends after 2 p.m. Valid all year

Laurel Lane CC, Four players golf and cart $120 (4 coupons) Golf and Cart $28 (4 coupons) Mon.-Fri. all day, weekends and holidays after 11 a.m.

Louisquisset G.C. Golf and cart $30 (2), 4 Players golf and cart $100 (2 coupons) Mon.-Thur. until noon

Maplegate CC, Four players Golf and Cart $120 (4 coupons); Golf and Cart $30 (4 coupons) Mon-Thurs., weekends after noon.

Midville G.C., $20 for 9 holes of golf and cart. (1 coupon) Mon.-Fri. until 2 p.m. weekends after noon. Valid after Sept. 10, 2018

North Kingstown GC $25 golf and cart (2 coupons) Thru May 31, and after Sept. 30, 2018 Mon-Thurs All day. Fri-Sun and Holidays after 11 a.m.

Pinecrest G.C. $20 golf and Cart for 9 holes.(2 coupons) Mon-Fri until 2 p.m. Weekends after noon

Rehoboth CC, $25 golf and cart in June 2018 (1 coupon); After Sept. 30, 2018              (1 coupon) Mon-Wed until Noon, Sat, Sun, Holidays after 2 p.m.

Swansea CC, Golf, Cart, 2 hot dogs, soda and chips. $45 (2 coupons) Valid weekdays only from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., no holidays

Triggs GC, Golf and Cart $38 ($33 for seniors 60+) (2 coupons) Thru April 15 & after Sep. 30, 2018 Mon-Fri all day, Sat-Sun after 1 p.m. Not valid Holidays

Wentworth Hills CC  2 Players Golf and Cart $79 (2 coupons) thru May 31; 4 Players Golf and Cart $155 (2 coupons)  Valid M-F all day and weekends after noon

Winnepaug C.C.  4 Players Golf & cart $120 (2 coupons); Golf and Cart $30 (2 coupons) M-F, weekends after 2 p.m.

Golfer Warehouse, $10 off $50 purchase or more All year (1 coupon) Stores in Cranston, Auburn, Danvers, Braintree and Hartford  (certain restrictions)

Spargo Golf, Cranston, RI  $25 off putter fittings. Valid all year

B.A.G.S.-RI $20 off membership (New Members Only)

You can order by sending check to Southern New England Golfer, PO Box 10038, Cranston, RI 02910, or calling 401-464-8445. You can also order online at www.snegolfer.com Orders are mailed the same day. For orders of 3 or more call 401-464-8445 for discount information

Must present Passport at check in
Individual deals are for Passport holders only
Guests allowed when 2 or 4 player deals only
Reservations and carts required
Cannot be combined with any other offer
Cannot be used for league or tournament play
Not valid for twilight or moonlight rates Proper attire required

2018 Calendar for Using Greater R.I. part of Season Passport
Use All Year:
Country View, Kings Crossing, Laurel Lane,
Louisquisset, Maplegate, Pinecrest, Swansea,
Wentworth Hills, Winnepaug

In Addition:
March: Bayberry Hills, Beaver River, Foster, Fox Hopyard, North Kingstown, Triggs

April: Beaver River, Foster, Fox Hopyard, No. Kingstown, Triggs (before 4/16)

May:  Beaver River (before 5/16), Fox Hopyard (before 5/16), North Kingstown

June: Rehoboth

July:  Just the All Year courses

Aug.: Cranston, Fenner Hill

Sept.: Foster, Midville (after 9/13),

Oct.:  Beaver River, Blackstone National, Crystal Lake, Foster, Fox Hopyard Midville, North Kingstown, Rehoboth, Triggs

Nov.: Beaver River, Blackstone National, Fox Hopyard,
Midville, North Kingstown, Triggs

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